Johannes Raab calls a noble sound quality his own everybody should reach for. He is an incredibly talented and promising young musician.

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Due times of covid-19 and lockdown, it is impossible and prohibited to organize Concerts.
That is why Johannes Raab concentrates on producing videos and making live streams these days. This site will be updated when new concerts can be planned again.
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Born in Leipzig, Johannes Raab is a renowned chamber musician and soloist. Besides numerous engagements in various formations, counting from Duet to chamber orchestra, he finds his true calling in making music in regular chamber music ensembles. After successful years in the Trio Abaton he now plays as a founding member in the Nichiteanu Trio. As permanent cellist of the latter he will be heard during the season of 2021/22 in halls like the Philharmonie am Gasteig Munich, the Konzerthaus Berlin, and on the MS Europa 2, as well as performing as a soloist in the grand hall of the Laeiszhalle Hamburg and at a few important festivals. In 2021 the label Myricae Classics will publish a CD with the NICHITEANU TRIO and one with Johannes Raab and Ricarda Schmersahl playing Rachmaninov and Fauré.


At the young age of 15 he received tuition of Prof. Troels Svane as a junior student at the Musikhochschule Lübeck. Subsequently he studied in Dresden with Prof. Konstantin Heidrich (Fauré Piano Quartet), Prof. Peter Bruns and Prof. Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt. Beyond that he received most valuable impetus by Mstislav Rostropovich, Boris Pergamenchikov, Bernard Greenhouse (Beaux Arts Trio), Miklós Perényi, Wolfgang Boettcher and David Geringas. His interest in historically informed performance was founded by no other than Prof. John Holloway and Prof. Ludger Rémy and lead to intense studies of the subject. An important chapter of his professional training forms an apprenticeship of the Staatskapelle Dresden, the renown Giuseppe-Sinopoli-Academy.

Directly following his education, he became Solo-Cellist at the Philharmonie Dessau of Saxony- Anhalt, played on the same position at the Staatsorchester Kassel and the chamber orchestra Louis Spohr - engagements which lead him to the Philharmonic Orchestra in Hamburg. Passing along knowledge and inspiration matters most to Johannes Raab. He passionately supports educational programmes like the theatrical youth orchestra in Kassel and teaches masterclasses hosted by the Goethe-Institut, a worldwide active federal institution.


The solo-programme “préludes” is part of a fruitful collaboration with Insa Pijanka, artistic director of the South-West-Philharmonie Konstanz and was received enthusiastically by the press. Itcombines Bach’s preludes from the six suites and modern works for violoncello solo with texts bycontemporary authors and the Lutheran bible. Following these impulses, the programme followsaspects of the life of Jesus while tracing the (alleged) developing background of Bach’s music. “Préludes” enters it`s third year with performances all over German-speaking Europe. Here Johannes Raab not only shows his qualities as an active musician but furthermore as a composer. “Bach’s preludes became true highlights by Raab’s interpretation. The cellist built vibratingsurfaces and musical arches with superior ease, and tracked down elation as well as melancholy. The last prelude in d-major lead him to an outstanding and effective trance-like-performance.” (Hessisch Allgemeine Zeitung)

Bach's suites for cello solo hold a special place in Raab's life. His highest appreciation for these works finds it's expression in the production of "project 6", a complete filmed recording of the six suites. The first part of the six-part series has already been broadcasted by various german television companies. His recordings enjoy great attention also abroad, e.g. the suite in g major was published on the platform of the British broadcasting station CLASSIC FM and hit more the 200 000 views in the first hours.

Johannes Raab is extremely pleased to be able to work with PIRASTRO Germany, whose strings he highly appreciates. Furthermore he is the official Brand Ambassador for Kokon sleeves and A-Case.


Johannes Raab is playing an instrument by Carlo Antonio Testore, Milan 1741 on which he is exclusively playing PIRASTRO Oliv and Eudoxa strings and a modern Italian Landolfi-copy made in 2007 set up with PIRASTRO Perpetual.





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